Section 4: Technical Skills


What are the resources required for your film production (think about equipment, props, actors, location etc) 

 During the pre-production of Spaghetti, we discussed a list of things that need to be compromised for the shoot to run effectively. Before the shoot, it was crucial to get information about the both actors’ food allergies especially because the script had scenes where the main character is eating the prop. The spaghetti was made gluten free to match the actor’s needs. Other props that were included during the production was a table, lights, a candle, a bowl, cutlery and snacks for the crew. The actors who played a male and female in a relationship acted in the kitchen of the LFA school.


The worst kind of people

In The worst kind of people, the equipment needed were a smoke machine, lighting, cameras, boom, sound mixer and all sorts of technicalities necessary for the film. For the props there was a table, cigarettes, ashtray, and an investigator hat. The actors who portrayed an investigator and suspect acted in the green room where the shoot was located.


My script

Vow By Yoojin Lee


What is your key role and what are the skills and equipment required to fulfil it?

I assisted in the roles of production manager for The Worst Kind of People which was an opportunity that led to skills such as time management and leadership qualities. It was essential to be organised since I had the responsibilities of staying in touch with the actors and getting information about allergies or their needed requirements during the upcoming shoot. During the meeting, it was my job to draw the line for the director when it came to them visualising the scene outside our budget and remind them of the whole picture, realistically. I had a budget to spend on equipment, props and snacks for the crew and had to be calculative and organised to maintain the budget whilst providing the production and crew what they needed.

Budget: Worst Kind budget – Yoojin

What is your supporting role and what are the skills and equipment required to fulfil it?

 My supporting role was Second AD and Second cut editor for the short film Spaghetti. The role of second AD required me to develop communication skills and professionalism as I had to assist the actors during their arrival to the academy by making them feel comfortable and at ease. I had thirty minutes with the actors before taking them down to the set and during that time I recommended them to go over their lines which built on their chemistry as the characters prior to showing it on camera. As second cut editor I was responsible with how the film gets seen by the viewer. I had to be technologically savvy with Adobe Premire Pro. Being a good listener was beneficial as I developed skills such as the basis of editing like cutting the shots, looking for the right sound and bgm to build atmosphere and then experimenting with saturation, lighting and hues of the screen for the last touch up.

The End – Cut 2


How do you feel you performed your roles on set? What were your strengths and what were any challenges you faced? 

I had to overcome challenges by using problem solving skills since the original actor for the suspect cancelled on his role. In order to overcome that challenge, I made sure that we had an actor who could replace his role for the day instead which turned out successful. My strength during my roles were that I maintained working under pressure regardless of any circumstances.

How do you think your skills and knowledge developed in this role? Give examples 

 time management, flexibility, communication, team work, working under pressure

In my role as production manager I developed time management which was achieved by checking the time in order to keep on track with the shots during the shoot. Team work was visible due to the shoot finishing earlier than predicted. I also enhanced my knowledge on technical aspects of film throughout post-production as I edited the films’ content.

I am glad to say that my experience partaking these roles have helped me gain flexibility adapting to contrasting skills which includes communicative and technical aspects.


Following completion of the Film Academy, please give examples of film production skills that you would like to develop. Did you have any particular strengths or weaknesses on the course? 

After the completion of this course, I would like to develop technical skills further by learning how to use other Adobe Software that could be beneficial for future film-making. I will also like to contribute in sound as my roles didn’t correlate with that aspect of production.

I believe that my strength throughout the course that was present was organisational skills as well as communication skills, however, I wish to develop it further in the future in collaborative environments such as the ones that the film course had provided.


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  1. Great thoughts Yoojin, and very good to see you talking about your experience of post-production. You’ve successfully completed section 4!


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