Section 3: Working Relationships


Why is teamwork important when working on a film production?

A film set is particularly a collaborative environment and there is always errors that are bound to occur that will corrupt the plan. However, compromising is the best solution to fix those errors during shoot which is possible through communication within the crew.

How did you develop good working relationships with your crew members? Give examples

 Prior to shoot we had the chance to work in groups in activities such as producing a film on a phone and constructing a story. This generated opportunities to get to know the other participants on the course. 

During shoot, I developed relationships with the other participants easily as the atmosphere of the shoot was so collaborative. I kept it professional on set by starting conversations surrounding film as it’s apparent that we were all in the same place for the same reason, we all have an interest in film. Work relationships are like threading, once you identify what kind of fabric it is that you are threading, it becomes easy to generate a pattern with your thread which are your communication skills.


Were there any problems you needed to overcome? Give examples

It is inevitable that there will be a crew member you do not get along with. To overcome dissimilar or challenging personalities, it is important to be patient and professional as it is completely normal to come across different types of people.


What qualities are needed to work well with others on a film production?

Team work is key but in order to achieve team work within a film crew, it is crucial to have communication skills, time management and drive. Without these key skills, it can lead to miscommunication, lateness to the set and laziness which will disrupt the efficiency of the team.

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  1. Really good thoughts here, Yoojin! You’ve successfully completed section 3. Please remember to upload your debrief notes!


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