Section 2: Professional Development


Please upload or summarise the crew test you did with Rupert


 Describe the structure and interrelationships of the production department. You can use a diagram or similar if you wish 

A production department requires great team work among different roles on set. There are five areas I’d like to consider are vital in the production department. Firstly there are the creatives such as the director of photography who makes sure the camera team run smoothly on set, the sound team, and the designers who are allocated to the visuals of the film including costume, special effects and set design. The producer and director help organise the film production and are the more long term roles as they have further responsibilities in terms of time. Last but not the least, for the post-production the editing team is needed to polish the film and master the content from the production.

Role Allocations Spaghetti

Role Allocations Worst Kind



Describe at least 2 potentional progression routes into the film industry (e.g. university, apprenticeships, entry level work, film festivals etc)

 Apprenticeships for film/tv institutions such as the BFI, BBC, Warner Brothers are ways to get recruited in a job in the film industry. They tend to recruit people they know.

There are schemes you can apply to which can lead to connections to industry professionals who can consider offering you a place in the industry if the effort is put in.

Try to get filming and your name out there as much as possible whether it is an online film competition, film festival or on social media. People’s familiarity of your work or name represents your status.

What do you plan to do when the academy is finished?

I aim to apply to other film courses which the academy introduced to the participants like the BFI Film Academy at NFTS and attend film festivals and events.

Briefly describe the job of one of your tutors, and what they have done in their career

 One of my tutors is a cinematographer who started off as a runner in the film industry. His BA degree in Textiles in the prestigious University for creative arts, Central Saint Martins led to his current career which shows that the film industry appreciates different specialties outside film.


What is the wider creative media sector? (think about music, costume, advertising, animation, theatre, games etc)

Video game is a growing industry globally which offers a chance for consumers to experience a hyper-reality.

Explain how film production connects to the wider creative media sector

It has similar elements to film like story-telling, constructing characters and developing visual images. A game is begins with an idea, the same as it does to film.

***you might find the following link helpful for completing this section: 


3 thoughts on “Section 2: Professional Development”

  1. Great work on 2.1 – this section is complete.

    For 2.2 – please accompany your diagram with an explanation of how a production department is structured, and how the different departments work together.


  2. Great start here, Yoojin! Your thoughts on 2.3 are great and you’ve successfully completed this section.

    For 2.4 you’re almost there. We need to have a sense of the wider creative industry more generally, and more than one example of how it might connect to the film industry! Please let me know if you need any help with this.


  3. Thank you for completing the section, Yoojin. I would still like to see much more detail for 2.2 – but I can just pass you for section 2


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